PWB version 3.05.1 CEF/IE Released

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PWB version 3.05.1 CEF/IE Released

Postby Scott » Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:08 am

PWB version 3.05.1 CEF/IE (10-24-2017) has been released and includes the following changes. See the "ReadMe.txt" file for complete change history.

Version 3.05.1 10-24-2017

Changed to CEF: 3202 Chromium: 61
Changed to support WM_APP_UPDATE_TIMERS from PWBIdler3
Changed Favorites max count to 2048
Fixed Activity timer when starting
Fixed redirect on subframe protocol error
Changed PWBINIUpdate to INIUpdate

Added (Hidden until 3.06):
Optional Auto-detect SHA256 hashed overrides
[KioskButtons] CloseTab=True


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