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Celsus v2 Overview

Postby Scott » Sun Apr 17, 2011 5:15 pm

Open Source simple fast and reliable Electronic Document Delivery System mainly used for Library Systems.

=Overview of Celsus=

Celsus was designed to be simply efficient. Celsus consists of three parts. A Windows Client for Staff document delivery, a web site for Patron document requests and retrieval, and a database that ties the Staff client, and Patron web sites together.

Celsus prevents Patron duplicated requests, and phone calls about requests as the patron can view their current requests, where the requests are within the process, and a history of requests. Celsus prevents Staff mistakes by always knowing who requested the document, and the delivery of the document is two clicks.

=What is needed to run Celsus=

You will need an email server and a web server with PHP and MySQL installed. The web server can be either a Windows or Linux server as long as it is capable of sharing folders to a Windows computer. To simplify processing, the Web server should be on the same network as the computer that will be running Celsus with a folder shared on the network. The shared folder is used by Celsus to copy the files directly to the web server for retrieval. The Celsus staff client requires Windows XP 32 bit or newer operating system.

Open Source web Site:

Sample Celsus web site:

Staff basics:
http://www.teamsoftwaresolutions.com/ce ... basics.htm

Patron basics:
http://www.teamsoftwaresolutions.com/ce ... basics.htm


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